Plain English version of the MMD Requirments for Web Cameras and the prices for such systems

Colorado MMED Camera Requirements.
Camera we recommend
Best Internet Price for AXIS M1054 $399 (needs POE Injector)
/ 1280 * 800 / AUDIO / HDTV 720p / 30 Frames per second state requires 15.
HAS AUDIO / MOTION DETECTION / HD OUTPUT / Good Resolution / Good Price (This is a good camera INDOOR, with audio)

MMED will require different cameras for checkout and outdoor location.

Computer is required for recording and viewing with 19” DVR Burner or bigger monitor.
Site will require a PRINTER Color 9600DPI to produce a photo picture.
Samsung CLP620N - $600 (9600DPI is a large requirement, don’t think they know what they ask for)
Site will require a Computer Room not used for growing Locked.
Site will require a camera recoding Licensee $850 each 4 cameras one time. 10 cameras $1200, 20 cameras $2300.
POE Injector / Switch for 24 ports - $1000 8 ports - $500 To Power each Camera and will notify you if a camera looses link, a state requirement.
Must see clearly for 20 Feet of view.
CAMERA AT Weighing Station
Camera at entrance and exit.
10 SEC Min recording on Entry and Exit of Motion Detection Recording.

– The NVR or DVR system shall be capable of providing remote VIEWING via internet of both LIVE and Recorded Video.

Internet Upload speed 1/3 MEG 384k. Must have Static IP and login and control capability for MME.
Must have Battery Backup on Switch à powers cameras, and Computer must have Batter Backup.
Off Site Streaming Recording $100 Month first 10 Gig, $10 for every 2 extra Gig.

My Service calls and Install prices are only $95 per Man Hour for onsite service calls.
Install will require TWO MEN. Flat Rate Installs can be arranged.

We will need to wire the cameras using CAT5E to each camera to the Switch location (POE SMART SWITCH)
The power will be sent over the internet cable to the cameras from the SMART SWITCH.
There will be a computer in the room with the recording software configured & 19” Monitor
We will need TWO Battery Backups for Switch & Internet as well as the PC Recording Station.
The internet router must be programmed to give the remote viewing of live and recorded video.
We must DOCUMENT the camera location types logins and access and store onsite in a safe.
We must have a color printer to print the photo for MMED should they ask for it.

Proposed Regulation Statutory Authority: Security Alarm Systems
Sections 12-43.3-201 and 12-43.3-202, C.R.S.

Basis and Purpose:

This rule establishes minimum requirements for security alarm systems at each
licensed medical marijuana premises and encourages alarm users and Alarm
installation companies to properly use and maintain the operational effectiveness
of security alarm systems in order to improve the reliability of security alarm
systems and reduce or eliminate false alarms. The State Licensing Authority
believes this rule will benefit both the regulators and the regulated community
because licensed premises will be protected by alarms. The State Licensing
Authority expects that break-ins will decrease as a result and that response times
to break-ins will improve because a break-in will be immediately detected by an

Security Alarm Systems.

A. Definitions.

1. Alarm Administrator means the Director of the MMED or his
designee charged with recording the details of the Security Alarm
Systems and approved Alarm Installation Companies and Monitoring

2. Alarm Installation Company means a Person in the business of
selling, providing, maintaining, servicing, repairing, altering, replacing,
moving or installing a Security Alarm System in an Alarm Site.

3. Security Alarm System means a device or series of devices,
including, but not limited to, hardwired systems and systems
interconnected with a radio frequency method such as cellular or
private radio signals, which emit or transmit a remote or local audible,
visual or electronic signal indicating an alarm condition and intended
to summon law enforcement response

4. Alarm User means any Person, who has contracted for Monitoring,
repair, installation or maintenance service from an Alarm Installation
Company or Monitoring Company for a Security Alarm System, or who
maintained or repaired under contract.

5. Arming Station means a device that allows control of a Security
Alarm System.

6. Automatic Voice Dialer means any electrical, electronic, mechanical,
or other device capable of being programmed to send a prerecorded
voice message, when activated, over a telephone line, radio or other
communication system, to a law enforcement, public safety or
emergency services agency requesting dispatch.

7. Duress Alarm means a silent Security Alarm System signal generated
by the entry of a designated code into an Arming Station in order to
signal that the Alarm User is being forced to turn off the system.

8. Holdup Alarm means a silent alarm signal generated by the manual
activation of a device intended to signal a robbery in progress.

9. License means a license issued by the State of Colorado or local
government to an Alarm Installation Company or Monitoring Company
to sell, install, monitor, repair, or replace Security Alarm Systems.

10. Local Security Alarm System means any Security Alarm System,
which is not monitored, that annunciates an alarm only at the Alarm

11. Monitoring means the process by which a Monitoring Company
receives signals from a Security Alarm System and relays an Alarm
Dispatch Request to a law enforcement agency for the purpose of
summoning an officer to the Alarm Site.

12. Monitoring Company means a Person in the business of providing
Monitoring services at a central monitoring station 24 hours a day.
13. One Plus Duress Alarm means the manual activation of a silent
alarm signal by entering at an Arming Station a code that adds one to
the last digit of the normal arm/disarm code (e.g., normal code = 1234,
One Plus Duress Code = 1235)

14. Panic Alarm means an audible Security Alarm System signal
generated by the manual activation of a device intended to signal a life
threatening or emergency situation requiring a deputy’s response.
15. Person means an individual, corporation, partnership, association,
organization or similar entity.

16. SIA Control Panel Standard CP-01 means the ANSI – American
National Standard Institute approved Security Industry Association –
SIA CP-01 2007 Control Panel Standard that details recommended
design features for security system control panels and their associated
arming and disarming devices to reduce the incidence of false alarms.
Control panels built and tested to this standard by Underwriters
Laboratory (UL), or other nationally recognized testing organizations,
will be marked to state: “Design evaluated in accordance with SIA CP-
01 Control Panel Standard Features for False Alarm Reduction”.

17. Zones means division of devices into which a Security Alarm System
is divided to indicate the general location from which a Security Alarm
System signal is transmitted.

B. Duties of the Alarm User and Alarm Installation Companies.

1. At a minimum, each licensed medical marijuana premises with have a
closed-circuit Security Alarm System on all perimeter entry points and
perimeter windows installed by a Security Installation Company and
monitored by a Monitoring Company. Motion detectors, pressure
switches, Duress, Panic and Hold Up Alarms may also be utilized.

2. The Alarm User will report the location of each Security Alarm System,
the Alarm Installation Company and the Monitoring Company to the
Alarm Administrator.

3. Alarm Installation Companies:

a. shall not program Security Alarm Systems so that they are
capable of sending One Plus Duress Alarms;

b. shall not install a device to activate a Holdup Alarm, which is a
single action, non-recessed button;

c. shall use only alarm control panel(s) which meet SIA Control
Panel Standard CP-01; and

d. shall not use Automatic Voice Dialers.

4. An Alarm User shall:

a. maintain the Alarm Site and the Security Alarm System in a
manner that will minimize or eliminate False Alarms;

b. make every reasonable effort to have a Responder to the Security
Alarm System's location within 30 minutes when requested by
the law enforcement agency in order to:

(1) deactivate a Security Alarm System;
(2) provide access to the Alarm Site; and/or
(3) provide alternative security for the Alarm Site.

c. not activate a Security Alarm System for any reason other than an
occurrence of an event that the Security Alarm System was
intended to report.

5. An Alarm User shall adjust the mechanism or cause the mechanism to
be adjusted so that an alarm signal audible on the exterior of an Alarm
Site will sound for no longer than ten (10) minutes after being

6. An Alarm User shall have an Alarm Installation Company inspect the
Security Alarm System after two (2) False Alarms in a one (1) year
period. The Alarm Administrator may waive a required inspection if it
determines that a False Alarm(s) could not have been related to a
defect or malfunction in the Security Alarm System. After four (4)
False Alarms within a one (1) year period, the Alarm User must have
an Alarm Installation Company modify the Security Alarm System to
be more false alarm resistant or provide additional user training.

7. An Alarm User shall maintain at each Alarm Site, a set of written
operating instructions for each Security Alarm System.
8. An Alarm User will report all false and real alarms to the Alarm

C. License or licensing.

All Alarm Installation Companies and Monitoring Companies shall maintain a
License, if required by the State of Colorado or local licensing authority.

D. Duties and Authority of the Alarm Administrator.

1. The Alarm Administrator shall:

a. approve Alarm Installation Companies and Monitoring Companies
prior to them being utilized by the Alarm User.

b. maintain a record of all Alarm Users, Alarm Sites, their Installation
Company and Monitoring Company.

c. maintain date and time records of false alarms and work with the
Alarm user and the Alarm Installation Company to minimize false

E. Confidentiality.

Unless otherwise provided by law, all records maintained by the Alarm
Administrator shall be held in confidence by all employees or representatives of
the MMED

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