Meeting Colorado MMD Requirements for your Dispensary or MMD Grow.

Your MMD camera system must meet special requirements. Off site viewing and remote storage is an important part of the states requirements. As a camera specialist, I consult with many dispensary owners who are trying to meet the state requirements. What I find almost every time is the customer has purchased and installed an older dumb camera system using a DVR recording box and an in house monitor system. What you will find is these systems are much more difficult to meet all the states requirements, and in the end you will be required to change the system to newer camera technology. DVR and Dumb Camera technology is old, and although it can be carried over to today’s internet technology, it was not designed for that. So if you want web access and remote storage, and live and stored viewing, you will need to have smart cameras. When the customer realizes that they have purchased old technology, it is a hard pill to swallow since many owners have already invested $3000 in a 16 camera DVR system. Even worse is the cable system the site has installed is COAX, and the cable system modern cameras need is Cat5 Network Cable, or Cat6. On our website we cover all current AXIS brand web cameras available and cover the resolutions which is the most important part of the camera. Absolute Computer Design has been working smart cameras since they were first released in the mid 1990’s. The web camera company AXIS is on the cutting edge still, and the cameras never seem to depreciate, they do get better with every new generation. See this LINK for the Cameras and Prices you can find them on the internet. http://denvercamerasecurity.com/?q=AXIS-Webcam-Available-Models-Prices

Today’s newest smart cameras are of such great detail, that a 30 inch monitor cannot display the video image at full screen resolution. Indoor per camera will cost $480, outdoor per cameras will cost $1100, and those prices are direct from the best internet provider. They are not giving the cameras away. Indoor will require the camera and POE injector; the Outdoor camera will require the camera, POE injector, Bracket and Enclosure. Better enclosures will add as much as $300 to the price, the price we listed is a cheapest enclosure option. After your cameras are installed, you will want to have a high quality PC and a large monitor, which you can carry over from your old DVR system. You will need to buy the recording software license. The cameras can record to a server without the PC. If you only have one camera you will not need to buy the software. The price Starts at $850 for 4 camera license. Audio is available for each of the installed cameras. If you need to have the cameras over a large area, like a subdivision or large compound, we can build a 5.1 GHZ network backbone and each camera can connect to the internet backbone with power only. The maximum range is up to 15 kilometers! The speed of the video is the same as if it was plugged into your hardwire cable, and the internet backbone can be expanded to use more then just the cameras but also any TCPIP cable fed device.

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