Home security and surveillance recoding and remote monitoring.

There are a lot of reasons to want to monitor your home. To monitor and protect your children. To monitor and protect as well as train your pets. Protect your home from theft and record intrusion to video. Monitor your property and record incoming and outgoing traffic. View your cameras from your smart phone or your website. Monitor your property if you are away for a long duration. Contact you if a trigger is tripped like in house motion detection. Smart cameras by AXIS provide you all the requirements you need to record and view live video from your smart phone or website. The web camera site will require high speed internet, and the system must be configured for it to work on your smart phone but can be done. With the audio function you can broadcast out a speaker training commands when a pet is on the table. Not only can you do this in real time, you also can have the camera contact you if there is motion within a given window, say the table, so the camera will contact you when the pet is on the table. You can record when your child came home, or record any visitor at the door or driveway. If you are a second home owner and you are billed for services on an hourly basis, you can use the camera system to make sure your contractors are billing you correctly since you can determine the time the trucks are in your driveway. Recording wildlife at your home is a favorite of many customers, in that case when the camera view is a possible public view; they can share the view on the coloradowebcam network. The fact that the cameras can now be viewed from your smart phone makes the system a great tool. Recording the video requires a good computer at the host location, as well as each camera needs power and internet at the camera location. The install will require a static IP if possible and we will need access to program the router to pass the images across the internet. The smart phone will require a cheap app, less than $8 one time. The recording software the runs on the computer to record the video is free for the first camera, then the software is $850 for each 4 camera block paid one time to AXIS to use the recording software. There are many cameras to choose from, you can view the AXIS web site to see the complete camera line. Installation and support is billed at $75 per man hour, once the system is up and in place, there is no costs incurred beyond the internet, power, and any support you require. How much is it going to cost? The minimum budget you will have to set is $1000 for a single camera install, and that is assuming you have a good dedicated always on computer to store the video recordings. Fact is more cameras costs more money. A four camera system using High Resolution cameras, with a computer and a recording license with AXIS will cost $3000 installed, so it is not a cheap venture. There are dumb cameras and solutions with your PC, but that is not the same animal as the smart web cameras we are using. You can drop resolution options and keep all cameras indoor rated to reduce your cost, but the image quality needs to stay high for good results.

Home Security Web Cams for Home

Price taken from internet September 11, 2018, this price does not include shipping, and was the Cheapest price fround, in many cases the actural price on the internet was $50 more plus shipping. Be aware some AXIS products do not have power, and require a POE injector, as well as enclosures and cables are not included.

Late model Axis Equpment can be found on Ebay and Amazon sometimes saving as much as 70% if you buy the older technology.



AXIS M1065LW WIreless Mic and Speaker Webcam

Full-featured wireless HDTV 1080p camera with edge storage
9/11/2018 About $250
AXIS P1365
AXIS P1365 Mk II Network Camera 1920x1080
Outstanding light sensitivity, with Zipstream
9/11/2018 About $650
AXIS P1365E Outdoor Webcam and Enclosure
AXIS P1365-E Mk II Network Camera 1920x1080
Outdoor-ready and outstanding light sensitivity, with Zipstream
9/11/2018 About $850
AXIS Q1615 Mk II Network Camera 1920x1080
High-speed excellence with i-CS lens
9/11/2018 About $850
AXIS Q1645
AXIS Q1645 Network Camera 1920x1080
High-speed video with 1/2" sensor and i-CS lens
9/11/2018 About $1150
AXIS Q1647
AXIS Q1647 Network Camera 3072x1728
5 MP video with 1/2" sensor and i-CS lens
9/11/2018 About $1450
AXIS Q1659
AXIS Q1659
AXIS Q1659 Network Camera 5472x3648
Professional photography meets video surveillance
9/11/2018 About $6000-$8500 depending on lens
AXIS Q6000-E Mk II PTZ Network Camera 1920x1440
9/11/2018 About $1250
AXIS Q6055 PTZ Network Camera 1920x1080
Indoor PTZ with HDTV 1080p, 32x zoom and Zipstream
9/11/2018 About $2650
AXIS Q6125-LE PTZ Network Camera 1920x1080
High-speed PTZ with OptimizedIR
9/11/2018 About $3100
AXIS Q6128-E PTZ Network Camera 3840x2160
High-speed 4K PTZ with Sharpdome technology
9/11/2018 About $2800

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