Large Scale Surveillance Systems


In a large scale model all the cameras in the system need to be internetworked. If not each group of cameras will need a separate computer for storing the images, and an internet host to be connected to the world. If you are in one building you can build the internet connection using hard wiring, which is the most trouble free and best solution. If you cannot wire the web cameras using hard wire, then you will have to build a wireless network broadcast location and at the camera you will need a receiving station.  Consider the case where you want to cover a large area such as a subdivision, and you want to have several camera locations. Also you want each camera to record surveillance footage to a digital source like a PC. Each smart camera will need an internet source, and will require connection to a computer to record video. If you have 4 camera locations then you will need to internetwork the 4 locations. We consider the ideal solution is to flood the subdivision with internet using 5 GHZ Wireless secured internet. In this case only one internet host is required and wireless internet is broadcasted at 120 Degrees up to several miles. The broadcast points can be expanded to cover all required areas, and as a plus the subdivision can offer free internet to the local residence within the tower broadcast areas. The cost of such a system with two broadcast towers is about $3500 installed. The towers can reach up to 15 Km, and 1 mile in a wooded area. The system can pay for itself in internet cost savings within two years. At that point you can add any number of cameras with receiving units. Hardware cost per camera location is $1500 per site base and $2000 Highest Resolution, and $2500 Pan Tilt Zoom per smart camera location including remote boot wireless receiver, Power over Ethernet, High Resolution AXIS Smart Web Camera, Hood, and Bracket. At one location there is a host internet account, and a location for the computer used to store the recorded images. The system can be expanded, and also included audio input and output support if required. As a real world example such we installed the system at Coryell Ranch above Aspen Glen in the Roaring Fork Valley Carbondale Colorado. At the time of installation the development was only 10% Developed and we broke the project into two $6000 phases. The first phase was to install two broadcast 5 GHZ wireless towers from the association fishing cabin at the center of the subdivision. We ordered Comcast Business Class internet and a static IP at the cabin. The cabin has a new computer, and on the roof of the cabin are two 5GHZ wireless broadcast towers flooding internet at 120 Degrees to cover all required areas of the subdivision. At each camera location power is required and a location to mount the Smart Web Camera. Once the system is in place the options become available to use the cameras for marketing purposes, as well as being able to integrate the cameras for live view into websites, the cameras can also be viewed on smart phones for private or public view. In Phase two additional cameras are planned for install. Camera locations at the front gate are specifically geared to have high enough resolution to capture license plates on passing vehicles. For the best night view we required the association to have an elicitation install a flood light at the front gate to keep night lighting constant for best night surveillance results.





When you are working with real world security systems, there is a big difference between image qualities based on the saved resolution of your video. We have found that resolutions of 800 * 600 are good enough catch the subject and even identify who the subject is but not good enough to stand up in court. So if you want to make a system that can be good enough to prosecute, you must spend the extra money to get the higher resolutions required to positively identify the subject. With that in mind please consider these higher resolutions AXIS cameras for your surveillance and camera security system


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