Anatomy of Webcam Surveillance

Camera Hardware

There are many choices for Web Camera Hardware, we limit our installation and support to AXIS brand Webcams who have been leading and specializing in webcam surveillance for over 15 years. The company has a proven track record of quality products and quality support, and the value has remained constant over the years. Please review our AXIS CAMERA PRICES button for a good list of available AXIS cameras and the best price available on the internet for that hardware.

PC Recording Station & Software

In order to record video from your webcam you will need a quality computer with a quality video card attached to the same network backbone as the webcams. The computer will also need software for recording the video streams. This software is free for the first webcam, after the first webcam the software will require a license from AXIS for each group of 4 webcams. Cost for the software license for 4 cameras is about $850 one time charge. Without the computer in the system you can view the webcams and broadcast the webcams to your websites, but you will not be able to record video for later use. First camera recording license is free.

Internet / WAN Programming

Your internet connection is very important to the performance of the system. The faster the internet the more fluid the video will look from you website or your smart phone. There are work around solutions for viewing and recording at slow internet connections like satellite internet. In order to view your webcams from outside your network you will need to program the router. This will require login access to the hardware at your camera site and port forwarding will be used to map access to the cameras. If you choose you can get a static IP of each camera, but this is overkill and not required. A single Static IP on the incoming internet is enough to program many cameras for outside view, and smart phone viewing.

Website Integration

Website Integration can be accomplished in many formats. Active-X and JAVA were two applets available to integrate into your website. We also can provide a time laps view custom written PHP program for you to use if you have slow internet or you want to integrate that type of view into your website. There are also new views applets available for High Definition and much higher resolutions can be viewed. We have experimented using off site streaming solutions to handle large traffic camera viewing. Basically there are many options for viewing the AXIS brand webcams for public or private password protected viewing, it’s all available.

Smart Phone Integration

The process of viewing the camera on your smart phone is a simple $8 app for android phones. There are other apps for Blackberry, Windows, and Mac phones to view your camera live on you smart phone. The configuration takes almost no time at all.

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