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Colorado Deployer of Ubiquiti - UNIFI Systems : A single management interface for WIFI, networking, cameras, phones, door access, & more.

What we do?

We provide professional Webcam Surveillance consulting, design, installation, repair, training, support, and maintenance.  Our primary Smart Cameras and Smarter Security systems deployed are from Ubiquiti – UNIFI PROTECT, and AXIS COMMUNICATIONS.  We have the knowledge and experience to assist with any camera system. 

Follow our lead and we will build you a system with the capability of a single cloud management interface for WIFI, networking, cameras, phones, door access, & more. Take the Camera Surveillance to start and if you choose expand to any of the cloud based solutions that are all SUBSCRIPTION FREE. Motion Detection Video Markers and 24/7 Video recording. Easy Cloud Accessed from Computers : PC, MAC and Phones : IPHONE or ANDROID. Easy (MMM) Management, Maintenance and Monitoring. Easy to share the Data with others by giving Users Cloud Access.

Denver Camera Security is a development of Absolute Computer Design based in the Denver Front range.  Our founder and primary developer have been installing, supporting, and managing computer systems since 1986 long before the latest technologies were even conceived.  Our experience is focused on WEBCAMS for the last two decades.  We can work with any webcam surveillance systems.  We have deep experience with Webcam Surveillance, Webcam Recording, and Public Streaming of Webcams.

We do surveillance, but we also produce over 140 public webcams for marketing purposes as well in Colorado, Wyoming, Iowa, Upper Peninsula of Michigan and more.  We publish them on ROKU and WEB and build new concept Live Television using Aspen Radio and Live Webcam Streams to make an enjoyable passive Ad Free TV Channel.  You can visit ColoradoTV.Net 24/7 or search on ROKU for “Coloradowebcam” and load the Ad Free and Free ROKU channel.  Currently our public camera network is featured on CBS and FOX in Denver and Colorado Springs.  We brand out pool of webcams with Sponsor logos that carry to live TV.

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Cloud Surveillance Solutions Consultation

At Denver Camera Security we provide professional Webcam Surveillance consulting over the phone free of charge. We answer phone calls and provide knowledgeable technical insight into your project. Our passion is Webcams, and we understand and have the experience to provide good advice on real world surveillance solutions. Small surveillance systems and large scalable systems, or any webcam use deployment. New Building sites and Construction monitoring, Home and Business security and Monitoring, HOA and Sub-Division Monitoring, Property Management Company Surveillance monitoring, we provide the systems and tools and support and training. We also provide long term support on your surveillance system after it is installed. We offer large project support for customers who want us to manage all their surveillance needs for short term projects of multiple sites. Call us at (970) 379-4094 to discuss your project.

Cloud Surveillance Solutions Design

Webcam Surveillance Design can be complex and for best results you should consult a professional designer. Choosing the right system is the first step. Unfortunate most people want to jump to the cheapest solution or the simplest WIFI solution. You should choose you system on performance and the best function, as well as pick a system that does not cost you money to keep running with a subscription service. You want a system that can see a night. You want a system that will have good motion trigger recording as well as 24/7 recording. You want your system to be cloud controlled and you want the system to be able to access the footage from multiple devices Phone, Computer and multiple platforms, MAC, and PC from any location. You want the interface to be easy to use and you want to hold the footage on the NVR for at least a few weeks. You want the system to be scalable to increase in size and to be able to get parts and support.

Surveillance Training Installation & Support

Camera Installation Support and Training will take some time. Installation requires wire runs; usually heavy shielded outdoor cable runs from the NVR to the Camera locations. Wires need to be secured and holes usually need to be drilled to get cable to the desired locations. Once the Cameras are mounted, cabled, and pointed the training can begin. Access to the cloud system is given to individual users by EMAIL account. Multiple accounts and permissions can be set. Access can be made through the Phone APP or the Desktop Computers Web Interface. Finally, after install we can provide support, although the system is very reliable. Maintenance usually involves power cycling a webcam from time to time. Our only system losses have been due mother nature, and a large lighting hit, that took out the NVR switch. The Switch was repaired via RMA from the UBIQUTIY factory, and the customer only paid for shipping costs. We deliver professional webcam solutions.

Surveillance Repair Maintenance

Surveillance systems are infinite, but they generally follow two types of systems. The older system CCTV systems will use a VIDEO cable and a POWER feed in a custom wire delivery. Most of these CCTV type systems can be maintained and repaired on the camera side. The NVR side is usually proprietary and will require maintenance from the original manufacture. The second type of system is an IP based smart webcam system where the Camera has a CAT5-6 cable and will have a network IP location. These are more modern and not really CCTV although people use that term often. Maintenance issues with the older CCTV systems are usually VIDEO CABLE connection issues, and re-establishing the video and power plugs to the failing CCTV cam will bring it back. The CCTV systems are prone to this single camera failure due to poor connections at the cables. No matter the system we can repair or advise on upgrades. In many cases we upgrade the sites to newer Cloud based controlled systems. Re-using the previous systems cable runs only works if they are Cat5/6 based wires on the old system. Many times the system is too old and parts are unavailable to repair. We would in that case migrate the customer to a new system of their choice.

Webcam Public Streaming

Public Streaming of a Webcam for marketing purposes is a unique specialty of Denver Camera Security. Currently there two choices for public streaming, you can setup your stream by partnering with YOUTUBE, or you can publish your stream on your own. If you produce the stream on your own, it will be 100% yours and under your control. If you publish your stream with YOUTUBE they will essentially own you stream. Cost for YouTube streaming requires a specific webcam and some special software on that webcam. Cost for Streaming yourself requires you to pay for a Streaming Service monthly. We always produce our own streams; we do not want YouTube to own our content. After the stream is setup, utilizing the stream for maximum marketing and draw is important. You want to LOGO overlay the webcam and BRAND it so when viewers see the camera, they see your logo. You want to use the steam on your websites to DRAW viewers to your site, and it will build powerful backlinking to your site as others link to your player page. This is another reason you want to control your stream. Once you give your streams to YouTube, anyone can take your steams an use them on their sites. Finally distribute your stream with your LOGO to Facebook, YouTube, ROKU platforms as well.

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