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Absolute Computer Design is a computer company specializing in Web Camera security and surveillance using AXIS Communications Brand Webcams and Webcam Systems. Axis brand webcams are the by far the best choice for webcam surveillance.  Price points are now brought down to be more competitive with analog and cheaper systems.  We have worked with many other brands, and if we learn one thing, AXIS Communications brand webcams are the only choice if you want the best.


A surveillance system will require a recording device, Network Video Recorder NVR, or sometimes called a Digital Video Recorder DVR.  No matter, the device will provide a source to store video surveillance at the site.  The device we use from AXIS is called AXIS Companion.  There is a 4 camera and 8 camera model.  They can be chained to do more than 8.  There will be options on the hard drive size.  Buying the Largest Hard Drive and 8 Channel is the best investment, and will cover future growth and hold data for longer periods.


Data can also be recorded to offsite storage.  The cost will be higher over time vs a local NVR, and the internet must be solid.  It can be done, but a local NVR is a better cost choice over time, and not dependent on the internet.


The individual webcams can vary in price and function.  Things to think about are Indoor vs Outdoor.  Other functions to look for are, static lens, manual focus and zoom that can be customized, Motorized Lens with zoom and focus control, as well as complete Pan Tilt Zoom Webcams.  Outdoor Webcams are traditionally more in price.  In Colorado you need to have a webcam rated to low temperatures.  AXIS brand outdoor webcams put off heat and will melt off snow from direct buildup in short period of time after a storm. 


We do provide expert web camera installation with 20 years of working exclusively with AXIS brand webcams.  We will help you to view your home or office from their Smart Phone (IPHONE or Android) as well as record video on a motion detection trigger, or continuous recording if that is required.  We can email you if there is a motion detection trigger at your location and you can view the image live on your smart phone or computer or website. If you want to view the stored surveillance video movies from previous days, we have an easy to use recording and viewing interface that you can view footage if you know what date and time region you are looking for. Each motion detection trigger will be a separate movie in a triggered system.  The system is simple to use and is web based so requires no special software.


Anyone can put up a camera, only a few can get it streamed to your smart phone, and to your computer, and to your website, and to your social media, and record the video for later view. We have extensive experience with how to maximize your image in all conditions. Issues you need to consider are lighting, weather, speed, resolution, proximity to view, and computer networking. We provide services from small residential applications for family and home monitoring, to small business monitoring and marketing, and we offer services to large businesses, subdivisions, and government projects as well.





ACD Recommendations for webcam surveillance or webcam marketing.



Over the years the webcam hardware has evolved quickly.  About every 3 years there is newer better technology available.  In the old days the resolutions were 640 x 480, now we have full 1080p 1920 x 1080 or more can be had.  One gets to a point that the higher resolution is way overkill and requires large amounts of data storage or too much bandwidth usage for online viewing at highest resolutions.  There are a lot of webcam system packages out there.  We focus on the best Axis Communications, their site is www.axis.com.  The larger the resolution of the webcam, the more resources it takes to stream and record.  An HD 1080p webcam is a good option.  If you need license plate identification, then a higher resolution 4K webcam can be used.  It will take a lot more resources to record a 4K vs a 1K webcam.


Choosing you IP Smart Webcams and General Information and Advice.



We have 20 years working with AXIS webcams, let us help you consider what you will want.  Some features you will consider using.




Do you want a camera with a lens that can be changed to a custom lens?




Do you want a lens that can Zoom and Focus remotely from the computer?




Indoor or Outdoor Webcam.  Outdoor cameras need to meet weather conditions, we are not in Florida.  Should be able to handle heavy negative tempuratures.




Motion Detection and Audio Detection.  All AXIS webcams have this built into the interface.




Event Triggers and Scheduling.  All AXIS webcams have this built into the interface.




Each Webcam will require a power source or POE injector or a network port that is 48V POE ready.




Some webcams will require a bracket and hood enclosure, others will not.  There are bullet and dome models, both work well.




How much do Axis webcams Cost? 

NVR Axis Companion: $400 - $650  dependent on 4 or 8 channel and 2tb or 4tb Hard Drive.

You can expect to pay minimum of $150 indoor, and $150 outdoor for low price point Axis webcams.  Focus and Zoom webcams are $700 - $1500 each.  We are talking about professional grade hardware.




What if I want a cheaper system?  Axis is the best system, and my experience is that in the end you have to pay no matter what system you put in.  That being said, you will see a lot of surveillance systems that look a lot cheaper.  If you chose one of those systems, please make sure you have everything you plan in the box.  I found when I tried to expand the system and add more cameras, the cameras cost just as much as the AXIS did.  There are a ton of new solutions out there.  I have not found any I like.  Many were a waste of money as they fail over a few years of operation.




I want to install my webcams wirelessly.  Axis does provide one modern wireless webcam.  We do not recommend setting up webcams wirelessly.  Always hardwire them to the network when possible.  If you have to go wireless you will want to use the new AXIS M1065-LW Network Camera at about $350 each.




I want to setup a webcam where there is no power.  We use wireless bridging technology to build network bridges.  Each site will require power.  If no power exists you will require a solar or wind generator, batteries, and enclosure to build a site.  This can get expensive, but we can do it.  If you want more information on setting up no power webcam monitoring, we have multiple deployments like this.




Webcam Streaming to Website or Facebook Live or YouTube Streaming.



This is a passion of ours, building public webcam streams.  See our work at www.coloradowebcam.net where we focus on live webcam streams for public view.  We help publish such views and help sites integrate them into their marketing and websites.  One service we can provide is channeling the streams to Facebook Live, or YouTube Channels.  We can build private streams that are only yours and you can choose which website can post it or not.  We can build public streams on YouTube as well that are free for anybody to take and use.



Axis Companion Recorder

Axis outdoor webcam

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