The cost is billed by labor.  whatever the labor time required is how much we bill.   Our billing is currently $150 per hour, and large projects can buy block time at a discounted rate.  We try to help our clients purchase 90% of the hardware directly so we do not mark up the products, we find them the best deal and they buy the parts.  We charge for the time required billed for onsite and offsite including one way travel.

Yes, we will help you over the phone build an estimate and you can use our tool to estimate the hardware cost required.  The time required to install the webcams and the cables is unique to each location.  How complex is the cable run is a big factor.  Any onsite visit will require our regular consulting fee that will be refunded on future billing should the project move forward.

Yes, but we do not recommend any WIFI webcam solutions as they are not solid for the long term.  But WIFI solutions exist with UNIFI camera systems.

Our labor fee is $150 per hour.  With many installs, we can tell you it takes all day to wire and install a site.  The more complex the wiring the more time required.  Should be able to wire 4 cam system in 8-10 hours, fully installed and working.  Help with the wiring or additional people helping with the wiring reduces the time required.  Remember each install is unique and newer home builds can be difficult to wire or conceal the wires.

Yes, you can provide helpers or help yourself with the process of wiring.  You can do it prior to our onsite visit to save time on billable hours.  We can bring in more people as well. 

Yes, have your phone ready to download the APP required, have an EMAIL address we can give System access to and we will advise you on how to use the systems from your phone or your computer.  The systems are very easy to use and learn.