Table of Contents

Webcam Surveillance System Consulting:

If it is a new install, we will recommend UNIFI PROTECT a quality cloud-controlled system with no monthly fees associated with the video storage.  Base cost for NVR cloud system with 12TB of storage starts around $600 with 2023 pricing.  Wired outdoor cameras are $250 for 1K cams, or $500 for 4K cams.   You need Cable and POE injectors also but the price from the start is calculated NVR $600 plus cameras added with no real limit to the number of cams.  The systems are scalable, cloud controlled, with very good user interface for viewing and managing video streams.  With cloud-controlled systems we can monitor if the systems are working correctly and keep them updated after install.  The Systems also can deploy WIFI mesh networking, Door Access Control, Digital Phones, Networking Statistics and more.  If you have an existing system, we can provide consulting on network issues, or repairs and support on your existing system.  Whatever your application with the webcam is, we can provide expert professional consulting with our 20 years of experience.

Webcam Surveillance System Design:

Designing the webcam systems for a new build, or an existing structure should be done by a professional webcam specialist.  Beyond the hardware you should consider camera proximity, angle of view, lighting, Weather and Nature when you deploy the webcams.  You also need to get hardwiring to each camera location, which is a big obstacle for any install that is not a new build.  Where to put the wires.  WIFI is not the answer, remember WIFI needs power, so there is a cable no matter what.  We can bring insight and help you build the right systems for your application and budget.

Webcam Surveillance System Installation, Training, and Support:

The process of installing a Webcam Surveillance system is all about the wiring and requires a solid internet delivery.  You will need power at the location where the NVR is stored.  Wires will be run from the NVR to the Cameras, or each camera can attach to the local network at a more local LAN connection.  WIFI deployments always come up, there are solutions but we recommend you not try any WIFI webcam delivery, always hard wire.  The process and time required to run the wire, and making the wire look acceptable is time consuming, but can be done by anyone.  Once the wire runs are in place, the cable termination and setup will go quickly.  It is all dependent on the time required for the cable runs to each of the cameras.

Once the system is in place, we can provide quick training on how to access the webcam footage and triggered events from your computer, as well as from your phone or tablet.  The camera interface systems can be quickly accessed from any location with internet.  The Systems are easy to operate and management of the systems is very well engineered.  Usually keeping the systems up and running requires Somone to monitor the systems.  These systems have proven solid and self-updating, we have had one power cycle of a camera worst case so far. 

Webcam System Maintenance and Repair:

If you have your own systems and need help, we can take a look and advise and assist you on the install or repair.  We can help with Smart IP webcams or Legacy CTTV webcams with any issues or support required.  Each system is unique, but they are generally the same animal and our networking and webcam background can support most systems.  Most systems if still operating will provide free phone tech support you should start there.  Unsupported systems, or supported we can advise you on the best move for you.

Webcam Public Streaming:

Beyond Surveillance you may want your webcam for Marketing.  Or you may want to take a webcam on your system and try to share it with the public.  This can be done locally at your restaurant or business to a large TV.  This can also be done to the WEB and the WORLD using what is called a STREAM.  We can help you create a public steam of any webcam or help you install a webcam just for public streaming.  With streaming there is a cost involved for the streaming service which provides a safe offsite location where the public looks at the webcam not the local business.  It provides compressed view to keep the data in check and make the video move fluidly without time gaps.